Remember Donitra Henderson


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In Memory of Donitra Henderson

Donitra's life ended tragically on Wednesday April 24th.  She was only 21 years old.  She was killed in front of her son, a memory that will haunt him for his life.  Donitra was too young to leave this world.  Her life was just beginning.  She was a student attending college to earn a Business Degree.  She had a job working at a childcare center. She was full of strength and determination.

I've seen Donitra face many hardships since childhood yet she had such a strong and powerful presence that her smile could light up a room.  

Donitra leaves behind her son who will always grow up wondering what could have been.  To help support his future we are collecting donations to be placed in an irrevocable trust fund that he will receive to attend college when he turns 18. 
On behalf of Donitra's Godmother:To everyone that loved my goddaughter Donitra Henderson please come out and honor her and her memory On July 7th, between 2-5pm. The local community is planning a free bbq to bring people together to honor Donitra. It will be at 57th & Dover Street in Oakland, CA 94609 at the Dover Street Park. There will be a tree planting and a mural placed in Donitra's honor. With the tree planting you can write your favorite quote, prayer or personal letter to Donitra to be placed under the tree before it is planted. Please come out and share your memories and love for Donitra Henderson this coming Sunday.
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